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The protection you need for all of life’s “what ifs”.

Shopping for home and auto insurance can be frustrating. It seems like everywhere you turn, someone is trying to save you money. Banks, direct writers and even grocery store chains.  Just remember that you can't buy more when you need it and its that cheap for a reason.

At Pearson Dunn Insurance, we provide you with a range of options from our reputable partners, so you can find personal coverage that fits your needs and lifestyle.

We believe in providing our clients with advocacy, choice and independent advice. This is our “Personal Protection Promise” to you.


To George McCarter:

George, I want you to know how deeply grateful Shelly and I are for the response of not only your firm and staff, but everyone that has come through to help us rebuild our home.  It has exceeded every expectation we had.  Of course, when you are faced with six or eight months of disruption to your living quarters, you just think of the worst.  I will tell you that the care and attention that Service Master staff and their contractors took to work around our schedule, family, and pets’ requirements far exceeded any experience we’ve had with any contractors in the previous 30 years.  We have not had to suggest or recommend any work at all.  They have been proactive and led us through this exercise of rebuilding our home without lifting a finger or having to chase them down.  This is such an unusual experience in our fast-paced world and so-called customer service.  I wanted you to know that your company, Pearson Dunn Insurance, the Guarantee Company of North America and their support services, such as Service Master, have meant a lot to our family and have made a difficult situation completely bearable.  Again, thank you for all the years of advice you have given us.  No one ever wants to test the advice that advisors give, especially in this way.  However, if you have to go through it, we couldn’t have had better support.  Thanks again.  We appreciate all you have done.