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Sports & Leisure

We cover all the angles.

Pearson Dunn Insurance has been a trusted advisor for risk management consulting services and specialized insurance products for over a century. Our P3 Solution™ helps you achieve your corporate objectives by identifying, managing and minimizing your unique exposures to risk.

Our professional advisors will conduct a full risk assessment, review alternatives to managing those risks, and reward your organization through a cost-effective risk finance and management plan.

Through our P3 Solution™, we are able to give you a clear commitment for service excellence, an enterprise-wide risk management plan and a solution for intelligent risk transfer. We'll host training seminars to help you better understand your risks and policies and provide insight to other such services as succession planning, business continuity planning, benefits and pensions, benchmarking services, executive liability, contractual agreement review and certificate of insurance review.

Helping you stay in the game.

With our P3 Solution™, our experts have helped protect thousands of athletes, coaches and officials by managing their unique exposures to risk.  We are especially proud to have insured 10 of 18 Canadian medalists in London at the 2012 Olympic Games.  

As with any organization, sport assoiciation or league, exposure to risk needs to be properly addressed.

Our sports specialists can provide coverage for:

  • Sports Clubs
  • Provincial & National Sports Organizations
  • Sport Domes & Complexes
  • Dance Studios
  • Fitness Facilities
  • Play Centres
  • Golf Clubs/Miniputt/Driving Range
  • Adventure Tourism/Extreme Sports
  • Bowling Centres
  • Swimming Clubs
  • Recreation Facilities
  • Retail Sport Shops
  • Paint Ball/Lasertag
  • Rock Climbing Centres
  • National/International Sport Events

Contact one of our insurance experts today to learn more about how the Pearson Dunn Insurance P3 Solution™ can help you protect your organization’s most valuable assets—your people, property and positive image.